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Provide your customers with a solution


Avoid frauds
With TestM you can ask the customer to verify the status of the devices. The scan of the application includes a variety of tests that indicate the condition & state of the phone’s hardware. The tests can be tailored to meet different needs and thus be more flexible and efficient. With TestM you can get detailed reports about the device, get real-time information and be able to avoid cases of fraud.

Save money and improve customer service
The application works in conjunction with the Labs system, through which the ability of the devices can be monitored remotely. When an insured conducts a scan to the cellular device, the data on the integrity of the device’s hardware goes directly to the system, so the customer service department can contact the customers when necessary to advise its customers about proper treatment in real time without causing any mishaps.
A combination of the two systems contributes to effective supervision and monitoring and helps to improve customer service.

How is it helps you?
Testm’s solution enables you, a mobile insurance provider, to significantly reduce the chance of fraud by testing and receiving a detailed report.

How It Works?
The app analyzes remotely and verifies the health of the device. The tests in the app examine all the important hardware and details in which the insurance company is exposed to fraud such as touch screen testing, sensor testing, audio tests and more.

The phone insurance market is a strong and active market that generates billions a month. Today, insurance companies around the world rely on customer statements about the condition of their phones. As a result, many insurance companies are exposed to fraud. Data show that insurance companies are currently fraudulent about 40% of claims worldwide. TestM offers a unique solution that can change the rules of the game.

  • Registering new customers – remote & fast phone status.
  • Extensive and comprehensive mobile tests.
  • Fault tracking and device status.
  • Complete report on phone’s condition.
  • Avoid frauds 

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