TestM first! 

TestM Desktop System

Many businesses deal with the management of smartphones, including repair labs, mobile providers, insurance companies and more.

The greatest challenge is to maintain the fitness of the device as well as the level of company service. Ensuring the fitness and proper operation of the devices directly contributes to the company saving money, time and workforce.

We are excited to launch TestM’s new desktop system, which provides its owners with the ability to manage the device’s capabilities directly from the company’s desktop computer.

The desktop system enables the simultaneous diagnosis of several smartphones, the production of reliable reports, improved service delivery and shorter working times.

Connection process:

When you connect your smartphone to your computer, the system detects the type of device and automatically downloads the TestM app that matches the device type (iOS / Android) and opens the app with the relevant user code. This significantly shortens the testing process.

Now the tests performed on the device are updated and synchronized directly to the desktop system. There is an automated test with a basic interface for the user, that runs several tests in less than a minute.

TestM’s desktop system has been created to provide the user with an easy and efficient system that will enable him to improve his service, streamline his work and save time and resources.

The system generates reliable reports and serves as a reference for the system owner and customers when repairing the smartphone, purchasing a new or second hand smartphone and more. The system bridges the knowledge gaps between the parties and enables reliable and secure communication, such that will ensure trust between the parties and will enable the maintenance of customers at the highest level.

Manage interface of phone inventory

Get to know the system that will help you keep and examine mobile devices in your business.

The system is connected to the application on the phone and displays a complete data breakdown on the device. It is possible to integrate the system with the “fall detection” product, thereby monitoring and review the device’s malfunction and updating the user to activate the TestM application to test the mobile device. It is also possible to integrate the system with the diagnostic and remote control tool, thus receiving updates every time the user activates the application and thus to monitor and review the various devices technically.

Remote diagnostic tools

Generates detailed reports about device propriety and eligibility tracking.

The tool allows remote device diagnostics without problem through the interface.
The diagnostic tool enables remote control of all existing devices.
You can generate detailed device proprietary reports and track device eligibility.

TestM diagnostic tool diagnoses the device with more than 24 software and hardware tests, enabling real-time troubleshooting.

Fall detection for mobile device

The Fall Detection service is capable of tracking a trauma experienced by the device after an abnormal activity / falling using our algorithm that identifies the impact of the fall. This offers the option to notify the user or contacts about the event and recommend an action such as checking the device to verify that all features of the device are working.